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Onur Özer

I love @PlausibleHQ so much that I don't think I can go back to Google Analytics ever again.

View on Twitter 9:23 AM - 5 Jan 2021

Toby Osbourn

@WilliamDurin @PlausibleHQ Not affiliated with them at all but recommend them to anyone that will listen! A breeze to install and super easy to navigate. I use it on three sites and aiming to move two others over next week

View on Twitter 8:41 PM - 2 Jan 2021

Plausible Analytics

It's always amazing to discover new mentions around the web! Thanks @gregorywitek for the kind words! And thanks to everyone who is sharing Plausible! 🙏 We don't do any paid ads, affiliates and such so we rely on people who enjoy using Plausible to help us spread the word ❤️

View on Twitter 11:14 AM - 29 Dec 2020

Faiz | Metronome

Just added a custom event goal. Super-simple to get working. Thank you @PlausibleHQ for the awesomeness!

View on Twitter 8:28 AM - 25 Dec 2020

💙 Josh

Plausible analytics is pretty cool.. it's so simple!

View on Twitter 9:58 PM - 19 Dec 2020

Matt Fantinel

I don't have enough traffic on my website to justify it I guess, but been trying out @PlausibleHQ on my website/apps and the dashboard and experience is so clean, I love it. And all this without compromising anyone's privacy!

View on Twitter 6:40 PM - 3 Jan 2021

Linus G.

@codyantunez @PlausibleHQ I've been using @PlausibleHQ for a few months on 6 in-production websites and it's been great so far. Covers all my needs, neatly presents results and is constantly being improved with community collaboration via open-source. Can highly recommend!

View on Twitter 10:05 PM - 27 Dec 2020

JRW Creative Group

@PlausibleHQ Ok, I am stoked. @PlausibleHQ is the website analytics solution I have always needed for my web clients! Upgrade is imminent! #recommended #opensource #googleanalytics #saas #upgrade #software #excited

View on Twitter 7:13 AM - 23 Dec 2020

Ekom Enyong: Digital Creator

Been using plausible for idk how long now, and not a single complaint — it’s wonderful! If you’ve been thinking about it, check it out this weekend ☺️…

Plausible Analytics @PlausibleHQ

For those considering to enter the brave new world of no cookie banners, check out Plausible! Modern dashboard, useful metrics, open source, lightweight script (<1 KB), no cookies and doesn't collect personal data so no need for those banners!

View on Twitter 9:15 PM - 18 Dec 2020

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Oscar Baruffa

I'm excited to share a little update to Big Book of R that some of you might enjoy - ** Live site stats 🤓📊 !! ** I've switched to @PlausibleHQ which enhances visitor privacy by not tracking users, and there's a handy option to make stats public.…

View on Twitter 11:07 AM - 2 Jan 2021 2
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Maciej Litwiniuk

I’ve just added @PlausibleHQ script to @ProgRails website - as a first step towards making it completely tracker-free in 2021

View on Twitter 2:34 PM - 29 Dec 2020
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Plausible Analytics

When @frankdilo shares Plausible and makes it to the front page of Hacker News 🙌 "SaaS we happily pay for: We get better insights than we would with Google Analytics, thanks to some great UX, without invading our users privacy"

View on Twitter 8:08 PM - 27 Dec 2020 2
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Today I wondered where the increased hit rate for in my @PlausibleHQ dashboard was coming from. Turns out it got featured on the @sveltejs blog:… 😳 What an awesome start into the new year!

View on Twitter 6:43 PM - 2 Jan 2021
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Max Diamond 💎

Starting off the year by switching to @PlausibleHQ Analytics on 😀 It's privacy-focused, a 30 free trial, and I don't need an annoying cookie banner. 😅 The best bit is they allow public dashboards so here's mine:

View on Twitter 12:16 AM - 2 Jan 2021
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Francesco Di Lorenzo

@PlausibleHQ runs our website analytics. We get better insights than we would with Google Analytics, thanks to some great UX, without invading our users privacy.

View on Twitter 7:06 PM - 27 Dec 2020
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Patrick Loeber

Finally installed Analytics on my website. I chose @PlausibleHQ as a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. So far I'm very pleased with it :) And I'm surprised that my site gets more visitors than expected :)

View on Twitter 5:56 PM - 2 Jan 2021
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Luca Palmieri 🦊

I am doing a general end-of-year housekeeping and I am planning to move away from Google Analytics. Currently trialling @PlausibleHQ - installation was super smooth and I have it running on both and Let's see how it goes 😁

View on Twitter 9:59 AM - 30 Dec 2020 1
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Integrated @PlausibleHQ instead of Google Analytics for my app page view tracking today. Love it, extremely small foot print, tracks only what is necessary to improve the product and not sensitive user information. #ThankYou #Ethical #NewsReader

View on Twitter 8:35 PM - 28 Dec 2020 1
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Oscar Baruffa

Hi All, I'm testing out @PlausibleHQ (privacy focussed web analytics) for so if you could give the site a visit and browse around for a while then I can check it out. If all goes well I'll switch all my sites to it. #RStats

View on Twitter 2:54 PM - 27 Dec 2020 20
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