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Fabrizio Rinaldi

Here's the @scriptableapp script to show the live visitors count from your website as an iOS widget, powered by @PlausibleHQ.ā€¦

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Tools & Integrations


From early next year, we will be offering @PlausibleHQ with our Pro Care plan as a Privacy-focused GA alternative traffic analytics. šŸ“ˆ

View on Twitter 10:05 AM - 10 Dec 2020
Tools & Integrations

Denis Lin

the awesome team at @dorik_io just added simple integration with @PlausibleHQ šŸ¤© great to have these #nocode products working together! thanks @MizanME for the quick turnaround šŸ™ for anyone who's curious, info in thread šŸ‘‡

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Tools & Integrations