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Blog Jan 01, 2021

Impactivize is a platform for Product Creators to grow your audience and convert them as happy customers.

We offer 3 things for product teams to help in growth.

  • Smart Content Widgets
  • Product Hub
  • Auto Curated Content

Smart Content Widgets

We offer widgets which you can embed in all your websites. Our widgets are auto updated with content for different needs

Right now we offer 4 widgets to pick from

  1. Social Testimonials Widget
  2. Product Updates Widget
  3. Community Updates Widget
  4. Holistic Product Highlights Widget

Product Hub

We offer a dedicated space for your product where everything related to your product is auto curated and updated with relevant metadata like tags

Your team can have full control on the content. You can add / delete / improve on the content which is curated by our team.

You can choose to make it Public. If you make it public, all the content related to your product are now available for the public audience to discover in an easy way. This helps you to gain more eyeballs and increase the conversions as well.

Auto Curated Content

While your product management, sales and marketing teams create more content for your product to list in your websites, we help you to curate all the news, discussions, reviews generated across all the social and community sites about your product

Not only you save time in curating this content, we also help you to showcase top content in your websites via our smart widgets and expand the audience via Content Hub. The best part - you don't need to do anything to curate the content. It happens automatically.

We are excited to start with these 3 features. Looking forward to hear your feedback.


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