Week 5 - Progress Update

From Scratch Jan 29, 2021

TL;DR - This week had progress in multiple fronts. Bit of Product, Sales & Marketing work were completed. Planning to do Daily updates along with weekly summary. Getting ready for next week mini launch.

Next Steps - While the weekly cadence of progress review is working fine, it is time to increase the momentum. Will provide daily updates in twitter & other places (Monday - Friday) along with a weekly summary in this blog.


  • The new ui framework has come out well. New widget components are ready.
  • Simplified the landing page along with new widgets. Targeting this Monday for a mini launch.
  • Work on the new widget API was stopped to focus on other things.


  • Reached out with 2 customized pitches to a set of potential customers via email
  • Creating new sales campaigns for the upcoming launch
  • Planning to do series of small feature launches every week


  • From Scratch content series is getting ready for separate launch
  • Product hub is getting ready for separate launch
  • Identified new places to talk about Impactivize from next week
  • Gearing up for daily progrss update from next week


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