Week 2 - Progress Update

From Scratch Jan 08, 2021

TL;DR - This week was largely focused on the sales process, product enhancement, marketing setup

Highlights - Insights derived from conversations with potential customers


  • Reached out to potential customers via twitter and followed up via email
  • Got important insights about the type of customers to target and an enhancement idea through the conversations
  • Will follow up again to one of the leads in the upcoming week to get feedback on the new feature prototype
  • Plan to reachout more leads in parallel in the upcoming week


  • Landing page website is simplified with 4 widgets for 1 reference customer
  • Each widget is focused on a specific use case. Also added the benefits and contexts where the widgets can be used
  • Content hub design is finalized and populated with latest content. It is now ready for both self-service and managed service in terms of content curation and management
  • Started work on 2 features (api and custom/dynamic tags). Latter is an exciting addition to our offering resulted via conversation with potential customers
  • Prototype is almost ready with api setup work remaining.


  • In addition to our new blog engine, newsletter setup is ready as well. We can now send newsletters to all subscribers. Audience will see a blue Subscribe button to their right bottom when they read any blog content.
  • Created a section called blog and started capturing product features. Will finish the initial set of posts next week.
  • Have setup a new content category called "From Scratch" to record insights from entrepreneurs how they started from scratch and grew their startups. Will also add impactivize startup journey there. This help in 3 ways - as a content marketing strategy, to increase connections with peers and to implement practical insights for impactivize.
  • Need to reach out to entrepreneurs from next week.
  • Cleaned up twitter accounts and started reaching out. Need to increase the engagement and frequency of posting


Yet to start our score.


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