Social Proof board in Horizontal layout Collection mode

For any brand / organization, showcasing the social testimonials of their customers / users is an important strategy to increase the brand credibility and thereby conversion.

A social proof board in Horizontal Layout Collection Mode with all social testimonials and other types of content (case studies, videos, events, podcasts) can be embedded in

  • individual blog page
  • marketing pages (product features, solutions, customers)
  • or  job listings

Impactivize will help any brand to build a social proof board and embed them in any part of their websites. We also curate latest testimonials for your brand from all social media and forums.

Here we have embedded a social proof board for Hashnode in horizontal layout collection mode as an example. You can scroll horizontally to see all the social testimonials. You can also select tabs to see content from different sections.

Social Proof Board - Horizontal Layout - Collection

Here is the direct link to this social proof board ->