That's the tweet.
Thank you @vercel

Simple project using Nextjs + @typescript + @chakra_ui + @vercel

11:17 PM - 30 May 2021

Deployment @vercel is so easy, like I don't have to do anything, literally, just import your repo and voila!!

12:26 PM - 30 May 2021

This core web vitals dashboard by @vercel is really cool.

I am now able to see exactly which commit improved the performance, and which commit decreased the performance.

Back to the green ✅ now for blogs.

8:53 AM - 29 May 2021

I've been blown away by the simplicity and efficiency of @vercel. It's a game changer in the tech industry, keep rocking guys! @rauchg 🚀

11:53 PM - 26 May 2021

Why do I ❤️ using #nextjs and #WordPress?

✅ Built in server side rendering
✅ Built in STATIC rendering
✅ Plenty of documentation and community
✅ Still use the Internet's most popular CMS
✅ Lighthouse agrees with VERY minimal time spent focusing on performance

1:31 AM - 24 May 2021

Ok, I've only just started playing around with @vercel but HOLY CRAP this is a pleasant DX. Vercel + NextJS seems like an amazing combo for indie hackers who use @reactjs ❤️

11:30 PM - 23 May 2021

👨🏻‍🎓Just published a new tutorial for @KeystoneJS

🔮 Been working on this for a while: simple integration with #nextjs, replace mdx for blogs w/ SQLite DB (via @prisma), GraphQL & a CMS UI.

Oh, and Deploy to @vercel 🚀

🙋‍♂️Would really love some feedback!…

11:30 PM - 21 May 2021

I'm proud to get such a good score on a portfolio case study page with several images and videos. Working with Next.js, @vercel , @prismicio and @GraphQL has been a really cool experience.
Obviously the portfolio is not mine 😂

4:50 PM - 15 May 2021

Our latest case study highlights @Coravin's journey to rapidly launching 10 global #ecommerce sites. Using @contentful & @vercel we created a powerful platform with a modern #headless #architecture. Take a look here: #Marketplaces #DigitalTransformation

3:00 PM - 14 May 2021