Had a lot of fun building this with next.js and @tailwindcss. shipped w @vercel. All three together are game-changing.

3:25 PM - 4 Jun 2021

https://twitter.com/thingsinmotion/status/1400836147836715009 30
https://twitter.com/thingsinmotion/status/1400836147836715009 1

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Pushed a couple cool new features up to fnatic.com this week, learnt so much on this project and honestly can't recommend @vercel's #Nextjs enough, super powerful framework that just handles everything we throw at it in such an easy to digest way⭐️

6:47 PM - 3 Jun 2021

https://twitter.com/samuelgoddard/status/1400524657216872456 76
https://twitter.com/samuelgoddard/status/1400524657216872456 5

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🤯 You can now redirect based on the geographical location of the visitor (Geo-IP headers) in Next.js👏 @vercel twitter.com/vercel_changes…

11:34 PM - 2 Jun 2021

https://twitter.com/tnix/status/1400234340840321029 270
https://twitter.com/tnix/status/1400234340840321029 33

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The main feature about next js I liked the most that we can use both server side rendering and static generation in same project but in different pages.

Like page 1 - static generation
Page 2 - server side rendering

Which feature do you like the most in next js?

6:31 PM - 2 Jun 2021

https://twitter.com/Arvind_0602/status/1400158209042616323 23
https://twitter.com/Arvind_0602/status/1400158209042616323 2

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That's the tweet.
Thank you @vercel

Simple project using Nextjs + @typescript + @chakra_ui + @vercel

11:17 PM - 30 May 2021

https://twitter.com/hschmaiske/status/1399143054200692736 210
https://twitter.com/hschmaiske/status/1399143054200692736 14

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Deployment @vercel is so easy, like I don't have to do anything, literally, just import your repo and voila!!

12:26 PM - 30 May 2021

https://twitter.com/the_growing_up/status/1398979055236517892 54
https://twitter.com/the_growing_up/status/1398979055236517892 6

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This core web vitals dashboard by @vercel is really cool.

I am now able to see exactly which commit improved the performance, and which commit decreased the performance.

Back to the green ✅ now for mdx.one blogs.

8:53 AM - 29 May 2021

https://twitter.com/pbteja1998/status/1398563013246939136 120
https://twitter.com/pbteja1998/status/1398563013246939136 11

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I've been blown away by the simplicity and efficiency of @vercel. It's a game changer in the tech industry, keep rocking guys! @rauchg 🚀

11:53 PM - 26 May 2021

https://twitter.com/benihoudkhalil/status/1397702425667162118 35
https://twitter.com/benihoudkhalil/status/1397702425667162118 2

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Why do I ❤️ using #nextjs and #WordPress?

✅ Built in server side rendering
✅ Built in STATIC rendering
✅ Plenty of documentation and community
✅ Still use the Internet's most popular CMS
✅ Lighthouse agrees with VERY minimal time spent focusing on performance

1:31 AM - 24 May 2021

https://twitter.com/royboy789/status/1396639916885528578 110
https://twitter.com/royboy789/status/1396639916885528578 13

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Ok, I've only just started playing around with @vercel but HOLY CRAP this is a pleasant DX. Vercel + NextJS seems like an amazing combo for indie hackers who use @reactjs ❤️

11:30 PM - 23 May 2021

https://twitter.com/IsaiahByDayah/status/1396609473246941188 75
https://twitter.com/IsaiahByDayah/status/1396609473246941188 2

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👨🏻‍🎓Just published a new tutorial for @KeystoneJS

🔮 Been working on this for a while: simple integration with #nextjs, replace mdx for blogs w/ SQLite DB (via @prisma), GraphQL & a CMS UI.

Oh, and Deploy to @vercel 🚀

🙋‍♂️Would really love some feedback!


11:30 PM - 21 May 2021

https://twitter.com/JedWatson/status/1395884705707216896 88
https://twitter.com/JedWatson/status/1395884705707216896 10

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@rauchg not sure if you've seen this - vaccines.gov is powered by Next.js!

5:45 PM - 10 May 2021

https://twitter.com/benborgers/status/1391811700274442241 14

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