We now have 2,000 paying subscribers! 🔥

What a wild ride it has been. Took us one year to reach the first 100 and nine months later we're at 2,000 🤯

Thank you for all your support and trust! 🙌

8:46 AM - 15 Feb 2021

Just updated our home page with the latest numbers (183,198,037 page views counted in January)

9:39 AM - 1 Feb 2021

Feels surreal having to share this so soon after but we just broke the day record once again! 23 new subscribers yesterday!

If we keep this crazy momentum going, we will reach 2000 paying subscribers next week! And this fact blows our mind! 🤯

9:19 AM - 5 Feb 2021

Our January was insane! 🚀

946 new trial accounts (previous best was 821)
349 new subscribers (previous best was 265)
Net MRR growth at $2k+ for the first time

Ethical and transparent analytics coming to more sites! 🥰

9:12 AM - 1 Feb 2021