@meteorjs @pathable @qualiasoftware @CodeSignalCom @BoomLearning Proud to be built on Meteor! Serving over a million students on our platform too!

4:02 PM - 22 Jul 2021

https://twitter.com/theforage_/status/1418239960969191425 3

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If you're looking into Cross-Platform Development you should check out @meteorjs. A very complet Full stack framework.

12:10 PM - 14 Jul 2021

https://twitter.com/Franje__/status/1415282477053132806 1

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@tucker_dev MeteorJS, because Backend, Frontend, DataBase and API, managed in 1 language and single code base resulting 3 Apps (web, android, ios)

1:52 PM - 11 Jul 2021

https://twitter.com/papanberjalan/status/1414221048732536832 1

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My current tech stack for web and mobile apps:

◾️ Framework: @meteorjs
◾️ Database: @MongoDB
◾️ Authentication: @meteorjs
◾️ Deployment: @meteorjs cloud
◾️ UI: @reactjs with @MaterialUI or @tailwindcss
◾️ Language: JavaScript

1:18 PM - 14 Jun 2021

https://twitter.com/fredmaiaarantes/status/1404428023823273984 18
https://twitter.com/fredmaiaarantes/status/1404428023823273984 1

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@traversymedia @MeteorJS is IMHO, one of the best tools for freelance developers.

11:31 AM - 4 Jun 2021

https://twitter.com/copleykj/status/1400777335775842306 5

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We're very excited to announce the release of Meteor 2.3.1 🎊

• Node.js update to 14.7.3
• Typescript update to 4.3.2
• Much more!

For full details on the release, click on the link to access our Meteor changelog: docs.meteor.com/changelog.html
#meteorjs #javascript

1:21 PM - 13 Jul 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1414938080511942659 25
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1414938080511942659 16

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Meteor 2.2.1 is now available for install or update as the recommended version of Meteor!

• Node.js updated to 12.22.2 per Node security update

For full details, click the link: github.com/meteor/meteor/…
#meteorjs #nodejs #javascript

7:26 PM - 5 Jul 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1412130838565867527 10
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1412130838565867527 3

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Did you know that we recently released Blaze 2.5?

Blaze is Meteor’s powerful library for creating live-updating user interfaces.

Click the link to learn more about the release.

#meteorjs #blazejs

4:01 PM - 17 Jun 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1405556237152960512 14
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1405556237152960512 2

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Did you know...?

You can easily use puppeteer with Galaxy now that we have a Docker image ready for you!

Click the link to learn more: galaxy-guide.meteor.com/custom-base-im…
#meteorjs #puppeteer #docker

4:25 PM - 27 May 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1397952072872611841 12
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1397952072872611841 2

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📣 New version of Blaze with HMR

We recently released a new version of Blaze, and with that came some improvements.

One improvement is that you can now use HMR with Blaze to save time on development! To learn more, click on the link below!


4:20 PM - 5 May 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1389978290132164615 21
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1389978290132164615 2

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Weekly Meteor Spotlight! 🤩

This week we're featuring @WekanApp, an open-source MIT licensed kanban board with a real-time drag & drop feature, all built with Meteor!

To learn more about Wekan, click here: wekan.github.io
#meteorjs #javascript #kanban #opensource

1:01 PM - 26 Jul 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1419643950189760530 11
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1419643950189760530 5

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Meteor is a great choice when it comes to building large apps!

Check out the following companies that were built with Meteor:

1) @pathable
2) @qualiasoftware
3) @theforage_
4) @CodeSignalCom
5) @BoomLearning

Start building your app today: guide.meteor.com

4:00 PM - 22 Jul 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1418239628105162753 17
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1418239628105162753 1

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Why Meteor Cloud?

Save $1,000's per month on DevOps costs with the additional comfort of knowing your app is supported by in-house Meteor experts!

Want to see how much you can actually save? Click the link to see: meteor.com/cloud-calculat…
#meteorjs #meteorcloud

4:00 PM - 24 Jun 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1408092562385166336 5

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Need some inspiration for your next app? Check out our showcase! ⁣

We have lots of companies that use Meteor and many of them have seen tremendous growth in the past year!⁣

See the list of featured companies here: meteor.com/developers/sho…

4:00 PM - 18 Jun 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1405918244444254217 8
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1405918244444254217 4

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Check out this side project by Jan Dvorak (@StorytellerCZ)!

It shows Meteor's timeline of major releases and milestones.

Click on the link to view this project in more detail: timelines.gitkraken.com/timeline/59f99…
#meteorjs #javascript #gitkraken

4:00 PM - 4 Jun 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1400844967757565952 13
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1400844967757565952 2

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Weekly Meteor Feature! 🚨⁣⁣⁣
This week we're featuring @ostrio_service, web services for web development!⁣⁣⁣

Their services are made to solve developer needs, let the coders code, and more!
Learn more here: ostr.io
#meteorjs #webdevelopment

4:50 PM - 2 Jun 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1400132800951603200 16
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1400132800951603200 7

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Fact: When you give website visitors an intuitive calculator to price services or grab an instant quote, they make smarter buying…


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Weekly Meteor Spotlight! 🤩

This week we're featuring @Azumuta, the leading platform to support workers in manufacturing industries, all built with Meteor! Azumuta offers improvement by providing digital operator support.

Learn more: azumuta.com/en/

4:00 PM - 19 Jul 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1417152374691581957 9
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1417152374691581957 3

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Weekly Meteor Feature! 🤩

This week we're featuring HundredGraphs, an AI service for smart homeowners, all built with Meteor! HundredGraphs helps you to save money, energy and decrease your carbon footprint.

Learn more here: hundredgraphs.com

4:00 PM - 12 Jul 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1414615559640166403 2

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Weekly Meteor Feature! 🤩

This week we're featuring @edabit, a fun and addictive education platform where you can learn how to code! Gain XP, unlock achievements, and level up!

To learn more, check out their website here: edabit.com
#meteorjs #nodejs #learncode

4:00 PM - 5 Jul 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1412078992908328961 2
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1412078992908328961 3

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The Avion team has built an elegant, effective web-based tool for remote teams to Post-It virtually.


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This is a guest post written by our friends at ANY.RUN (Meteor users since 2016).


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Okay, we’re not here to toot our own horn. But we have to share the story of how lemlist catapulted their cold emailing platform to…


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🚨 New Meetup Alert 🚨

The next meetup, which is July 28, will be in D-A-CH (German)!

This meetup will be led by Meteor developer, Jan Küster, so make sure to ask your questions!

Click the link to sign up now: meetups.meteor.com/meetings/dYPZQ…

4:01 PM - 21 Jul 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1417877405419585541 2

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We're very excited to announce our first-ever hackathon this fall of 2021!

The theme will be focused on building something impactful. There are also prizes for ALL participants!

To learn more, click here: impact.meteor.com/hackathon
#meteorjs #javascript #hackathon

4:00 PM - 20 Jul 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1417514839879073793 19
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1417514839879073793 16

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🚨 New Meetup Alert 🚨

The next meetup, which is July 15, will be in Prague, Czech Republic!

The presentation slot is currently open and you are able to submit your talk in the Prague meetup group here: meetups.meteor.com/group/prague
#meteorjs #meteorsoftware

4:01 PM - 8 Jul 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1413166259731058694 3
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1413166259731058694 1

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How to build a puzzle game in hours using only Javascript and publish it to app stores?

I created this simple game just to this talk. Join our meetup in about 4 hours.

#javascript #game #puzzle #meteorjs #100DaysOfCode

9:43 AM - 2 Jul 2021

https://twitter.com/FilipeNevola/status/1410896996546711555 27
https://twitter.com/FilipeNevola/status/1410896996546711555 21

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In two days you can join @FilipeNevola and ask questions about Meteor and Mobile apps!

Follow these steps:
1 - Add to your Calendar meetups.meteor.com/meetings/virtu… (see how in the image below)

2 - Sign Up at meetups.meteor.com so you don't lose next meetups.
#cordova #webapp

8:38 AM - 30 Jun 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1410155852711948288 4
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1410155852711948288 3

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🚨 New Meetup Alert 🚨

Meteor Brazil will hold a meetup on July 2 and will discuss how to build mobile apps with Meteor and Cordova led by @FilipeNevola!

Click the link to sign up now: meetups.meteor.com/meetings/9EKr3…
#meteorjs #meteorsoftware #nodejs

4:00 PM - 28 Jun 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1409542220806385664 13
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1409542220806385664 14

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🚨 New Meetup Alert 🚨

Meteor France will hold a meetup on June 24 and will discuss the Meteor framework led by founder and CTO of lemlist, @acemtp!

Click the link to sign up now: forums.meteor.com/t/meteor-meetu…
#meteorjs #lemlist #lemverse

4:01 PM - 21 Jun 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1407005639482740741 13
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1407005639482740741 3

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🚨 New Meetup Alert 🚨
#Meteor Korea will hold its first meetup on June 16 with a presentation from Mike King about property conveyancing workflow.

After the presentation, there will be a social!

Sign up now: meetups.meteor.com/meetings/KPeGQ…

1:00 PM - 9 Jun 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1402611476536475648 5
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1402611476536475648 4

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The next Meteor Meet-up will be happening May 26th and will be the German meet-up! If you're interested in joining the session, click the link below. twitter.com/Kuester_Jan/st…

Jan Küster @Kuester_Jan

Falls ihr aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum seid und Meteor (@meteorjs) noch nicht kennt (oder es noch von Früher kennt und wissen wollt, wie es 2021 performt) dann kommt Morgen von 14:00 bis 16:30 ins DACH Meetup: https://t.co/wjWP7ikHQ2

7:56 PM - 25 May 2021

https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1397280472644923393 3
https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1397280472644923393 1

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Living a historical moment 🤯

First @MeteorParis @meteorjs online meetup in a while and it's on @lemlist virtual world with @acemtp 🤩

join live: lemverse.com

4:16 PM - 24 Jun 2021

https://twitter.com/picsoung/status/1408096760858173441 19
https://twitter.com/picsoung/status/1408096760858173441 3

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