Me: Alright, kids are asleep, let me mentally prepare myself for the energy it's going to take to setup CNAME records, port my content to @hashnode and backup to GH

*30 minutes later*

Oh...that was easy 😲

Next up is themeing, canonical links, and misc!

3:15 AM - 15 Aug 2021 10 1

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I wanted to use my own domain with @hashnode and was prepared for all the hassle…and then - literally just one click and it was done! So easy, so convenient. Go Hashnode!

6:30 PM - 11 Aug 2021 62 4

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Also, a huge shoutout to @hashnode!

Getting started with a blog was super smooth, I had my blog ready with my custom domain in just a few minutes. 🎉

The dashboard is clean and user-friendly and it provides a fair bit of customizations too!

I am a fan 🤩🙌🏼

4:07 AM - 4 Aug 2021 3

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I just posted my first @hashnode post EVER! 🥳 Come check it out and let me know what you think 🧡…

3:39 PM - 2 Aug 2021 140 14

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I moved my blog to @hashnode because:

No plugin/theme/hosting hassles, just write content

No paywall system like Medium

Custom domain support

Back up the entire blog in GitHub

Has quite a big community

Yet to move all my articles, check out -

1:18 PM - 1 Jul 2021 26 2

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I'm happy to finally join the awesome @hashnode community 😊

I published the first article on my Hashnode blog:…

9:32 AM - 1 Jul 2021 78 18

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I have been thinking to start blogging for quite some time & was looking for a platform to start with @hashnode looks awesome
1. Supports markdown🙂
2. Sharing blog in draft mode😉
3. Publish blogs in your domain💯
All for free😍
Can't wait to share my first blog!

8:49 AM - 27 Jun 2021 150 9

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After using Gastby, Ghost, Jekyll and Wordpress I'm going to use @hashnode, I wished to have known this amazing project months ago.…

3:23 AM - 21 Apr 2021 11 1

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@thelateraluz @hashnode @thelateraluz and anyone else wanting to start a blog, I can't recommend @hashnode enough. Don't worry about building and maintaining the blog when #hashnode does that for you, you'll waste more time and not produce half as much content.

2:00 AM - 13 Apr 2021

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I wanted to start blogging in Aug of 2020. I decided to use @hashnode for my blog. It was the best decision that I made.

I wrote 27 technical articles so far. Most of them are about frontend web development.

A thread 🧵about each of these articles including the stats below 👇

8:25 AM - 31 Dec 2020 20 3

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Just started out on @hashnode about 1 month ago, and I'm already at 14,000 page views. Really impressed with how much visibility I've gotten there!

12:42 PM - 25 Oct 2020 87 7

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@coolpythoncodes @hackSultan @hashnode Another advantage of Hashnode is its huge community that keeps growing day-in-day-out; you get free support from other devs.

Unlike WP, Hashnode is built with developers in mind.

I can't recommend any better platform for devs who want to start blogging.

7:52 PM - 21 Sep 2020 2

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I have written blogs on different platforms. Got a chance to experience @hashnode for the first time. Honestly speaking, I loved everything about it. An awesome experience. Now, hashnode is my default tech blogging platform :)

8:29 PM - 20 Sep 2020 3 1

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@hashnode is a game-changer! Setting up a blog with a custom domain, from signup took less than 5 minutes. Looking forward to writing on it.

9:21 AM - 16 Sep 2020 3

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Congrats to Sandeep, Fazle, Bolaji, and the entire Hashnode community. They are revolutionizing tech blogging.…

Sandeep Panda @Sandeepg33k

I am thrilled to announce that we have hit 1M views in August. Here is a quick update on the recent growth numbers.

Thanks everyone for your continued support! 🙏

4:59 PM - 1 Sep 2020 93 10

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I am killing the blog off my personal site and going full on @hashnode


- Personal Domain
- Free Analytics
- Free Newsletter
- SEO built in
- Constantly pushing new features
- Community is amazing

Join and check it out yourself 👇…

4:11 PM - 27 Aug 2020 83 11

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I’ve decided to make a huge leap and migrate my blog to @hashnode! I’m really impressed with what they’ve accomplished in this short amount of time! 🎉🎉🎉

I’m happy to join this community and I can’t wait to share more of my learnings on AWS with you!

4:31 PM - 20 Aug 2020 93 10

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In the next 2 years, @hashnode might own the content creation market and overthrow Medium, both in terms of reach and functionalities.

9:03 AM - 14 Aug 2020 130 11

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Someone in my stream mentioned @hashnode as an alternative to Medium, so I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s the result of mirroring my Gatsby-powered blog: - let me know what you think! #SwiftUI #Firebase

7:46 PM - 6 Aug 2020 42 11

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If you are using @Medium for technical blogs, consider moving to @hashnode right away. You'll fall in love with it from the first very minute of using it 😍😍

9:27 AM - 3 Aug 2020 98 23

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I am super stoked to share that my #tech blog on @hashnode has crossed ✨58000+✨ page views in less than 48 hours.

Great content + an amazing platform = Winning combo!

Thanks to the team at Hashnode 🙌 for building such a great platform.…

3:30 PM - 2 Aug 2020 90 13

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Really excited to officially launch my developer blog, Cloudy with a Chance of Software, powered by @hashnode. If you're interested in #Docker, give a read to my first article!

Thanks, @andrewbrown and @monde_ for the editing feedback! #100DaysOfCloud…

8:55 PM - 1 Aug 2020 36 14

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@jeafreezy @hashnode @hashnode is super developer-friendly. I like it much better than Medium. Being able to write blogs solely using markdown and auto backup with GitHub is awesome! Goodbye, Medium.

Welcome to my new blog on @hashnode

2:47 PM - 1 Aug 2020 14 4

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Yea, @hashnode has won 😀. They fixed d issue of Dev blogging & d hassle of maintaining your own devblog.
Free features
- MD
- dark mode
- your publication lives on your URL 🤓
- it's simple and easy to start Dev blogging today 👌
A mobile app or PWA would be great 👍 @fawas_ola

12:28 PM - 27 Jul 2020 32 10

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