Kicked off🥳 #JamstackConf
Love the 90s theme😍 @Netlify Always has a good taste of hosting an event🥰

Will be there to say hi in a break lounge👋 @SamuelSnopko @facundozurdo will be there with me too to show a sneak peek of @storyblok V2 beta and answer questions you have😉

.@brob is killing it at the #JamstackConf in the @algolia lounge, doing a demo of building Serverless search with @eleven_ty, @Netlify and @algolia 🙌
Check out the blog post about it he released this morning:…

Excellent talk from @seldo diving into @jamstackconf survey data. Loved the Usage/Satisfaction charts, as well as looking at changes over time. Really cool lens to look at frameworks and technologies.

I had too much fun at @jamstackconf and now my face hurts from laughing about bad font choices, food puns, and 90s flashbacks. I know it was a rough start to the day, but thanks to everyone who dug in and made it happen.

Amazing conference, incredible talks, and awesome 90s throwbacks 🤩 yay to #jamstackconf 2021!…

Cassidy @cassidoo

Thanks to everyone who watched, spoke at, and participated in #jamstackconf!! We had such a blast making it happen, even with hiccups, and the recordings will be up soon! ✨

@jamstackconf was absolutely amazing! Great work everyone!
@jlengstorf @cassidoo @philhawksworth killed it, even with a few small hiccups! True show-people-ship!

Can't wait to catch up on some of the other talks I couldn't make!

Kudos @jamstackconf team and presenters! A really fun and informative day. 🙌

@jamstackconf really set the bar high for online conferencing in terms of visuals, marketing and production quality! 👍

Heard good argument for headless #wordpress scenarios yesterday at #jamstackconf: The often criticized "plugin overload" in wordpress doesn't directly affect the frontend of your project if decoupled.

IIRC I heard this in talk of @colbyfayock,thanks! 👍…

Catching up on @jamstackconf now and I'm loving all the talk about partial hydration

What's that?

It's where you write React/Vue/Svelte/etc but serve static (HTML/CSS) files and then only add Javascript to the components that *need* them

Can't wait for better support for this!

Another fantastic talk by @Rich_Harris, this time at @jamstackconf. Argues for a mix between single-page and multi-page apps with something he calls #transitionalapps…

Attended #JAMStackConf yesterday, really enjoyed myself and learned a lot!

Really wished I would have made some more connection...🙃

Really enjoyed @Rich_Harris's #transitionalapps talk @jamstackconf. I transcribed it for my own future reference, though you can also watch it on YouTube. I added links to any content or concepts mentioned.…

@AnjanaVakil Thank you for that amaaaaaaazing workshop. You have helped me rediscover my love of data viz.

Awesome to see a talk at Jamstack Conf that really digs into what it means to send less JavaScript.

Love that there was a whole segment on @MarkoDevTeam.…

Plasmic @plasmicapp

Videos from yesterday's Jamstack Conf are up!

Don't miss @yaaang's talk: "The next generation of Jamstack performance is...less JS!"

Starring @astrodotbuild, @MarkoDevTeam, and @reactjs!

Taking advantage of our brand new Engineering Education Program at @LeagueApps: spent a whole day attending #Jamstack Conf 2021 and it was a blast! Learned quite a bit and found it to be relevant to our own modernization efforts/challenges in many ways. Lots of great talks! 📺🎓

The production quality on #JamstackConf 2021 is just ✨😍
Love it.

Great keynote by @biilmann at the recent @jamstackconf! Great overview over the modern landscape, and what's on the horizon to come!

Excited to be a part of this, as a @Netlify user, and as a team working on design system-tooling!…

Yesterday I got to teach a Node workshop at @jamstackconf, and it was a total delight.☘️ Thanks to everyone who attended, and extra thanks to all of the folks at @netlify who are some of the kindest and most talented people on earth! 💖💖

Jamstack conf was absolutely amazing this year, and reminded me once again how cool my coworkers are.✨

Hearing @seldo’s annual roundup at @jamstackconf is starting to become one of my favorite parts of the year.

I just got my hands on this SWEET AF slap bracelet from @jamstackconf and honestly I can’t even 🤩

Catch me wearing it asap 😎

@eveporcello 's 🌛 workshop at @jamstackconf today left me feeling more knowledgeable! Tiny takeaway of the day: you can import a path to cd into by clicking and dragging a file into your terminal. 🧙‍♀️

Another fantastic talk by @Rich_Harris, this time at @jamstackconf. Argues for a mix between single-page and multi-page apps with something he calls #transitionalapps…

Great talk from @Rich_Harris at this year's @jamstackconf – we're super-interested in the "transitional" web apps approach at @wikimedia (among the most old-school and traditional sites out there right now).

I am attending @jamstackconf for the 2nd time next week. Web developers, join me :)

Today, the @prismicio team took part in @jamstackconf 2021. We tried something a little different for our talk: four mini-talks within one all about Gatsby.

Check it out!

Proud partner moment:
@philmillman's @jamstackconf talk is in a couple days and you should sign up if you haven't already (it's free! 🙌)

“Synthless” Jams With Your Friends…

My supa secret @jamstackconf talk is going to be great!

Due to it being supa secret, I can't tell you what it is actually about, but it might have something to do with @PostgreSQL and maybe @supabase 🎃…

Register to join @juntao - hosting a session at #jamstcack Conf

Serverless functions are the "A" in JAMstack.
Hear about a new type of serverless functions.

You will not want to miss this session.

Join @stefanjudis and @whitep4nth3r on October 7 at 6 p.m. CEST at @jamstackconf 2021 for a 4-hour session where they'll guide you through a fresh blog setup with @Contentful and Next.js.

Register and learn more here:…

Our very own VP of Engineering, Ben Vinegar (@bentlegen), will be sharing the virtual stage with Jason Lengstorf, VP of Developer Experience at Netlify, at @jamstackconf ’21 on October 6th. Join the party here.

Enjoy @jlengstorf’s Learn With Jason?

Want to learn more about using @Shopify’s APIs?

Then come learn (and party) with Jason and me next Wednesday 10/6 at 1 PM ET at @jamstackconf!

It’s going to be a lot of fun 🎉🍝…

WORKSHOP @jamstackconf with @whitep4nth3r & @stefanjudis
Getting started with Next.js and @Contentful

Want to learn how to use Contentful's GraphQL API?
Join Salma and Stefan to walk through a fresh blog setup with Contentful & Next.js!

Sign up now!

WORKSHOP @jamstackconf with @spences10
"Build with SvelteKit and GraphQL"

If you are Svelte curious and want a deeper understanding
of how to use it in practical applications this workshop is for you.

Reserve your seat today!

WORKSHOP @jamstackconf with @indigitalcolor

Learn to build and deploy a Gatsby site from the ground up.

This workshop is for JavaScript developers who haven’t had extensive experience with Gatsby but want a deeper understanding of Gatsby.

Reg today:

WORKSHOP @jamstackconf with @colbyfayock
Slow pages can make online shopping a nightmare!
Learn to use Next.js to build a fast, reliable store on the Jamstack using Snipcart to add a shopping cart with checkout all deployed to Netlify.
Register today:

WORKSHOP @jamstackconf "Practical Introduction to Relational Databases"

With @javorszky you'll build and extend a simple e-commerce store together to introduce/talk about concepts around relational databases, and more specifically, PostgreSQL.


I’m looking forward to teaching 👩🏾‍🏫 folks about building sites with GatsbyJS and learning something new 🤓 in the Learn with Jason (@LWJShow) track at @jamstackconf.

Sign up:

Join @fimion @jamstackconf to hear this talk on CSS-TRICKZ - Bad Ideas, and Efficient Ways to Build Them!

This will be a session you don't want to miss.

👉 There's still time to REGISTER:

"Data Visualization for Web Developers" workshop with @AnjanaVakil will equip you with tools & techniques needed for using dataviz to:

👉 Better understand your code, projects & users
👉 Make better data-driven decisions as a developer

Sign up today:

Check out this upcoming @jamstackconf workshop from @lowisren and @kmelve:

How to create editor experiences your team will love…

friends, I have *extremely* exciting news!

this year at @jamstackconf, we're doing an ENTIRE TRACK dedicated to building an app live w/experts pair programming along the way🔥


register FREE & join in on October 6!

“Synthless” Jams With Your Friends - You don't want to miss this upcoming @jamstackconf talk from @philmillman

To learn more and register check out the speaker info page!

Listen to an invitation to the @jamstackconf 2021 by @arisa_dev - our DevRel Engineer. 🎯We hope you will join us there!🔥
📌Oct 6–7, 2021 - Virtual

Register for free: ⬇️
#Jamstack #JamstackConf #CMS #HeadlessCMS

We're excited to have @bencodezen from @Netlify as one of our guest speakers for the ‘21 Jamstack Conf!

Be sure to register so you won’t miss his session Exploring Vue 3’s Ecosystem.

Sign up today!

We are pleased to welcome @yaaang, Co-founder of Plasmic as one of our guest speakers for the ‘21 Jamstack Conf.

You don't want to miss this presentation “The next generation of Jamstack performance is… less JS!”

Register now to catch this talk

📢 Our very own @spences10 is hosting a workshop at @jamstackconf on Oct. 7

🛠 Building with SvelteKit and GraphQL

👨‍🏫 In this workshop, Scott will go from hello world to covering routing and using endpoints in SvelteKit.

🎟️ To register, head over to:

Wanna be first to see new technology launches, and learn directly from the creators and makers in our community who are at the top of their game?

Check out the newly released #Jamstackconf agenda and register today!

Come get your hands on some code with these amazing instructors leading workshops at Jamstack Conf!

Workshops take place Oct 7, seats are limited!
@AnjanaVakil @whitep4nth3r @stefanjudis @colbyfayock @eveporcello @javorszky @indigitalcolor @spences10

I'll be giving a talk at @jamstackconf this year "Twilio Console: A Large Scale Migration to Jamstack". There's a TON of excellent talks lined up this year!

🥪 Bring your appetite to @BHolmesDev talk "The 11ty, web component and JAM sandwich".

If you've built a site in 11ty or Jekyll, Ben will share their no-mess recipe to slide interactive React, Vue or Svelte components into those existing templates.

Join @learnwdaniel and @AishaBlake from @newrelic to learn how they leveraged observability to optimize their Docs site for better, faster Gatsby builds 💪

You won't want to miss out on this Jamstack Conf exclusive workshop with @eveporcello from @MoonHighway. Discuss Node.js beyond the basics to cover the techniques that you need to know to contribute to Node projects without feeling overwhelmed.


Shout out to our SILVER sponsors! Jamstackconf would not be possible without your support.

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👏 A huge shout & THANK YOU to our Platinum Sponsors!
Each one contributes to the growing Jamstack ecosystem, and makes Jamstack Confs possible. Visit the lounges and say hello! @algolia @commercelayer @contentful @prismicio @twilio @getsentry
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We are excited to be one of the sponsors for @jamstackconf 2021!🎉
What info will you find there?
🎯#Jamstack now & next
🎯Integration & tooling
🎯Extra learnings & workshops

See the full agenda and register for free:⤵️
🗓Oct 6–7, 2021 - Virtual

We are excited to announce that we are one of this year's @jamstackconf Sponsors! For more information and to register visit the event site:

Swell is one of the Silver Sponsors at this year's virtual @jamstackconf on October 6th and 7th 2021

Check it out here to register for free:

We are one of this year’s @jamstackconf Silver Sponsors! Join 20,000+ #webdevelopers to learn how it started, how it’s going, and what’s next! 🤠
Virtual #event on Oct 6–7, 2021, register for free now: 👈

🎉🎉🎉 exciting news: Astro took home the Ecosystem Innovation Award at @jamstackconf 2021! Huge thank you to everyone who voted for us -- we are SO honored by the recognition 🥰…

Hey #JamstackConf attendees — you may want to peek at your inboxes right about meow. We sent you a discount code for a RADICAL Jamstack Conf slap bracelet.

1. Check your email
2. Follow the instructions
3. Become even cooler 😎

Only 1,000 made. When they're gone, they're gone!

Wohoooooooo we just witnessed another Jammies Award winner at the #Jamstackconf event.

This time for the COMMUNITY CREATOR category.

And the winner is ...... @whitep4nth3r 🔥🔥 Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉

Jamstack Jammies Winners 2021 🚨🚨

The @A11YProject just won the SOCIAL IMPACT Award 🎉🎉🎉


The Jamstack Community Survey results are in!

Jamstack is becoming the mainstream architecture for web devs of every experience level.

Check out the data revealing how the community is turning to Jamstack to build faster, more secure websites. 🚀

There were many great apps nominated for Jamstack Project of the Year Jammies Award. Here are your finalists!
@twilio - new Twilio Console @Gemini - @unileverusa - Planet & Society Project @KiwiSproutNZ - Goulburn Physiotherpahy
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