Me: Alright, kids are asleep, let me mentally prepare myself for the energy it's going to take to setup CNAME records, port my content to @hashnode and backup to GH

*30 minutes later*

Oh...that was easy 😲

Next up is themeing, canonical links, and misc!

@brob Personally, I'm in love with everything Hashnode does. I feel like they have absolutely nailed community engagement. I don't spend as much time around Dev so I'm a little biased, but I just see so much I like about Hashnode

@Sandeepg33k @ricardodantas @hashnode @vercel It's amazing to see how fast devs go from 0 to Blog under a domain they own on @hashnode 🤯

It reminds me a lot of what @substack did for journalists

Lately, I found myself reading more from the @Hashnode mobile app rather than the web. 👀

It’s really easy and enjoyable to read articles!

I just got an email from @hashnode and they have a shit ton of blogs listed but the really awesome thing?! You can have the thing read the article to you out loud. It's not extremely robotic either! It's awesome!

Congrats to the @hashnode team on building up so much momentum. They have a lot of cool features on their development roadmap. And now they have more resources to make those features a reality.…

Look at what I got today 👀

Hashnode swag box 📦

Small wins! 😊

5k views on my blog posts so far. Feels really good 🙂

Thank you @hashnode for such an awesome platform and a seamless blogging experience. I just worry about the content rather than anything else. #DEVCommunity #DataEngineering #blogger

I just hit 250K views on @hashnode! 🥳

Thank you to everyone who reads my articles! 🙏

Time to celebrate a WIN: I can't believe 3k people now follow me on @hashnode 🤯, the most incredible and user-friendly blogging platform for devs.

Thank you, all, for the following. It means a lot 🤩.

I just couldn't resist creating #HashnodeBootcamp ticket with HTML and CSS because the ticket looks so cool 😍


Kudos to the @hashnode team for the wonderful design and idea !
@Sandeepg33k @fazlerocks @tanoaksam @VamsiRao7 @catalinmpit @BatsouElef

✨ Welcome to Spotlight Tuesday ✨

Meet Pavithra Kodmad, a developer and tech enthusiast from Sydney.
@PKodmad loves to learn, create and teach.

🤩 Thank you for sharing knowledge with the dev community on your blog.

Talking about my first 6 months at Hashnode 🥳

How did I get the job with no prior experience?

What it's like to work as a Developer Advocate?

You will see the answers in the article 👇…

In today's post, I quietly launched my tutorial site - powered by @hashnode !!

I've just started a new brand new blog on @hashnode because it's so easy to get started with my own domain and the community is awesome! First post is up.

Expect a lot of new things regarding cloud, aws, devops, k8s, IaC & more to come!
@catalinmpit Writing is a superpower! :)

I finally published my very first blog post on @hashnode!

It's called "A simple tip to help you to learn to code more effectively... and it's not 'just build' ".

It was daunting but great to press publish. I hope you enjoy it! 😀 👇…

Migrate your Medium blog to Hashnode✨

👧 Me: Is it hard?
👦 @catalinmpit: No, I'll show u!

👧 Me: Why should I do it?
👦 @catalinmpit: No paywalls or restrictions, monetize your content, custom domain, etc.

👧 Me: Say no more!
#hashnode #devcommunity…

Docker Volumes: An Introduction
{ by @FrancescoCiull4 } from @hashnode

- Why do we talk about persistence for containers?
- Brief Explanation about Volumes
- Demo using Ubuntu
- Example with Postgres
#docker #dockerimages #containers #postgresql #ubuntu…

ICYDK, every blog on Hashnode is optimized for search engines.

🌎 We use relevant schemas tags that help search engines, and screen readers render web pages correctly.

🪄 We do all these behind the scenes so that you can focus on sharing knowledge & ideas!…

Tapas Adhikary @tapasadhikary

This made my day 🏆!

A colleague sent this snap realizing her google search posted one of my articles in the featured section!

I donno how big or small news it is but didn't want to miss the chance to celebrate it with you all 😆.

Did you know about Hashnode's Newsletter Feature?

For developers that want their newsletter but do not have time to manage one.

A thread 👇

Today I learnt @hashnode has the feature to create a series. Here's how you can do it.

Thread below 🧵👇

For my blogger friends who want to move from Medium to @hashnode.

Make sure to check the Medium importer feature on the Hashnode.

All you need to do is to provide your Medium zip file and Hashnode will import all your blogs as drafts.

🤯 DYK: if you map your domain to Hashnode, you can create cool friendly URLs for your audience?

📹 yourblog[.]com/youtube
🐦 yourblog[.]com/twitter
💌 yourblog[.]com/newsletter

Understanding Custom Page Rules on Hashnode - by @catalinmpit…

Just enabled audio blogs on my @hashnode site as an experiment. Thanks @iamshadmirza and @catalinmpit for the nudge, very cool!

Down the road I would love either users or myself to be able to change the voice & include non-male options for folks who would prefer it 🙏

The Hashnode Mobile App is here! 🎉

✨ Search, read and bookmark articles directly from your phone
🗣 Stay in touch with your readers and favourite bloggers easier
🔥 Stay up-to-date with the Hashnode community

Grab the application now! 🚀

👏👏👏 This is one of the biggest updates to Hashnode!

Hashnode blogs are now powered by @vercel, and will benefit from its ultra fast CDN.

Read this article to know why we migrated to Vercel.👇

We @hashnode just closed a $6.7M Series A funding to build the next-gen developer blogging community. 🚀

Welcoming Salesforce Ventures, Accel, Sequoia's Surge, & Sierra Ventures + notable angels like @rauchg @destraynor @naval @ed_roman & @salil. 🙌…

Sam will interview me in about 1 hour on the @hashnode Writing Bootcamp. I've written a few hundred technical blog posts over the past few years, and I'm excited to share my observations about what works.…

Sam Sycamore 🌲 ⛰ @tanoaksam

The biggest audience I’ve ever spoken in front of was about 200 people.

The @hashnode Writing Bootcamp (which starts tomorrow!!) has over 2,000 people signed up. 😱

I hope you’ll be there!

🧐 Are you attending the Hashnode Writing Bootcamp?

Let us know and you'll have a chance to win 1 of 25 t-shirts!

To enter:
1️⃣ Sign up for the bootcamp (it's free ✌️link in thread)
2️⃣ Share your ticket on social media with hashtag #HashnodeBootcamp
3️⃣ Like & Retweet this post!

• Learn from the best writers
• The best writing platform
• Learn a valuable skill
• Be part of a community
• .... Do you really need more??

Register already! @hashnode…

Announcing our biggest technical writing Bootcamp yet. 🚀

Improve your skills, build your online presence, and start making money 💰 as a writer in the tech industry.

📅 Dates: 13 Sept - 24 Sept
🎫 Price: Free BUT limited tickets
#hashnode #devcommunity…

What the hell is #DevRel?! 🤔

That's what I'll be discussing tomorrow in @hashnode's Twitter Space with @dabit3, @ceeoreo_, @colbyfayock & @willjohnsonio:

"Getting Started in Developer Relations"

Thurs, Aug 19 @ 8a PT / 11a ET / 3p UTC / 830p IST

I hope you can join us!

Are you into JavaScript, AWS or Ruby-on-Rails? 🙌

We offer $7500 for the top 150 writers in the following tags on Hashnode:
- JavaScript
- Ruby on Rails…

🔈 Announcing our BIGGEST giveaway so far!

💰 $7500 to the top 150 writers 💰

📝 Write as many articles as you want in the categories of Javascript, AWS, or Ruby on rails. Make them top-quality and engaging, win $50!

Details 👇
#hashnode #devcommunity…

Proud to announce that @auth0 and @hashnode are teaming up for an August Hackathon! 🥳

$10k USD in PRIZES!!!!

🔴Talking with...Syed Fazle Rahman

In this episode, we have talked about how you can start your blog for free, using Hashnode!

Thank you @fazlerocks for being my guest, it has been awesome!

Link =>
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