🆕 Feature: Direct Chat support inside the app using @papercups_io

We did a poll and found out 71% of our users wanted chat support from us from inside the app.

When you log in to @resuminator, you can see a chat button in the bottom right.

4/ C̵u̵s̵t̵o̵m̵e̵r̵ Simp is king:
Enable our customers to talk directly to the FOUNDERS about their experience with the product through our community @slack channel, our website's chat box supported by @papercups_io, and email

If you're tired of paying the high prices of Intercom and Drift, #Papercups might be the solution. This is an open-source #Intercom and #Drift alternative that provides live chat for your site.


@_jonesian @jsjoeio I think @papercups_io is what I’d go with today (they need a mobile app though).

@Shpigford I ditched Tawk for lack of UX and decided to go with an open source solution @papercups_io which has been working great so far. Functionality still a bit limited but maybe the right one for some here


Everybody does live chat these days. Papercups gives you the ability to own your platform and a bunch of neat integrations.


@norahsakal Yes, you can try @papercups_io and set up slack integration.

This helped me in the past

@chuga @intercom Would recommend @papercups_io

As copilot user, please avoid Zendesk or any ticketing systems. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

The trending section of Elixir LibHunt libhunt.com/l/elixir/trend… highlights very well some of the most loved projects amongst the community - @papercups_io, @plausiblehq, Nx by @josevalim, elixir-ls @bostonvaulter, surface & broadway by @dashbit ... and so many more #myelixirstatus

Just set up papercups.io in the account section of goodremotejobs.com. The simplicity of the hosted service is refreshing!

Open source Intercom meets open source Slack - New @papercups_io integration with @mattermost! loom.com/share/f7aad02e…

We just launched our shared inbox feature today! producthunt.com/posts/papercup… We now can let you respond to email, sms, and chat directly from Slack. We plan on letting you ship more features around managing conversations in Slack so you never have to leave your workspace!

Excited to announce that our mobile app is now ready for beta users 🚀 (big thanks to @rhonsby for helping out)

Email us at founders@papercups.io if you're interested in trying it out, and we'll get you set up ASAP!

We just shipped some cool new stuff! 🚀
- @ mentions and saved replies in the dashboard
- file upload support with our Slack integration
- enhanced message UI (more metadata!)

More details here: github.com/papercups-io/p… 😀
Papercups Functions enable custom and powerful automation across a variety of messaging channels (chat, email, Slack, SMS) by letting you write, run, and deploy JavaScript code directly inside the browser.

Papercups EU is an open source live customer chat tool that is hosted in the EU for GDPR compliance purposes. We provide React/React Native/Flutter/HTML chat components for a ton of flexibility and customizability.

Papercups is an open-source live customer chat app written in Elixir. We are a dev friendly alternative to Intercom and Drift that is highly extensible and customizable. We also have a Slack integration that lets you reply from Slack.

Watch how your users are interacting with your website while you chat with them live! Storytime is an open-source plugin that requires nothing but a small code snippet to get up and running.

Papercups FAQ Bot is a chatbot that you can train in seconds by uploading FAQs, Docs and previous support tickets. Our chatbot saves founders and customer service reps hours by answering repeat questions that can be found in docs or previous support...

Papercups is an open-source live customer chat app written in Elixir. We offer a self-hosted alternative to Intercom for companies that are security & privacy conscientious. We're starting with chat, but long term, we want to handle all customer...


We're excited to see @papercups_io launching an #integration that makes it simple to chat with your website visitors via Mattermost channels. And it's #opensource, too!

Learn more here: papercups.io/blog/mattermos…

A behind-the-scenes look into YC S20 Virtual Demo Day — thanks for capturing this, @papercups_io! papercups.io/blog/what-remo…

We recently released our flutter package github.com/papercups-io/p… special thanks to github.com/aguilaair for building it out!
Papercups mobile app. Contribute to papercups-io/papercups-mobile development by creating an account on GitHub.

Papercups NodeJS client. Contribute to papercups-io/papercups-node development by creating an account on GitHub.

The Wordpress plugin for our chat widget. Contribute to papercups-io/wordpress-plugin development by creating an account on GitHub.

Papercups chat iframe. Contribute to papercups-io/chat-window development by creating an account on GitHub.

Papercups chat widget. Contribute to papercups-io/chat-widget development by creating an account on GitHub.

Papercups Elixir client. Contribute to papercups-io/papercups-elixir development by creating an account on GitHub.

Papercups chat widget for React Native/Expo. Contribute to papercups-io/chat-widget-native development by creating an account on GitHub.

Papercups.io Flutter chat widget. Contribute to papercups-io/papercups_flutter development by creating an account on GitHub.

Papercups plugin for Docusaurus. Contribute to papercups-io/docusaurus-plugin development by creating an account on GitHub.

Build a completely custom chat UI on top of Papercups - GitHub - papercups-io/chat-builder: Build a completely custom chat UI on top of Papercups

Screen sharing plugin for Papercups. Contribute to papercups-io/storytime development by creating an account on GitHub.

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