@meteorjs @pathable @qualiasoftware @CodeSignalCom @BoomLearning Proud to be built on Meteor! Serving over a million students on our platform too!

If you're looking into Cross-Platform Development you should check out @meteorjs. A very complet Full stack framework.

@tucker_dev MeteorJS, because Backend, Frontend, DataBase and API, managed in 1 language and single code base resulting 3 Apps (web, android, ios)

My current tech stack for web and mobile apps:

◾️ Framework: @meteorjs
◾️ Database: @MongoDB
◾️ Authentication: @meteorjs
◾️ Deployment: @meteorjs cloud
◾️ UI: @reactjs with @MaterialUI or @tailwindcss
◾️ Language: JavaScript

@traversymedia @MeteorJS is IMHO, one of the best tools for freelance developers.
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