Me: Alright, kids are asleep, let me mentally prepare myself for the energy it's going to take to setup CNAME records, port my content to @hashnode and backup to GH

*30 minutes later*

Oh...that was easy 😲

Next up is themeing, canonical links, and misc!

@brob Personally, I'm in love with everything Hashnode does. I feel like they have absolutely nailed community engagement. I don't spend as much time around Dev so I'm a little biased, but I just see so much I like about Hashnode

@Sandeepg33k @ricardodantas @hashnode @vercel It's amazing to see how fast devs go from 0 to Blog under a domain they own on @hashnode 🤯

It reminds me a lot of what @substack did for journalists

Lately, I found myself reading more from the @Hashnode mobile app rather than the web. 👀

It’s really easy and enjoyable to read articles!

I just got an email from @hashnode and they have a shit ton of blogs listed but the really awesome thing?! You can have the thing read the article to you out loud. It's not extremely robotic either! It's awesome!

Congrats to the @hashnode team on building up so much momentum. They have a lot of cool features on their development roadmap. And now they have more resources to make those features a reality.…

Look at what I got today 👀

Hashnode swag box 📦

I just hit 250K views on @hashnode! 🥳

Thank you to everyone who reads my articles! 🙏

Small wins! 😊

5k views on my blog posts so far. Feels really good 🙂

Thank you @hashnode for such an awesome platform and a seamless blogging experience. I just worry about the content rather than anything else. #DEVCommunity #DataEngineering #blogger

Time to celebrate a WIN: I can't believe 3k people now follow me on @hashnode 🤯, the most incredible and user-friendly blogging platform for devs.

Thank you, all, for the following. It means a lot 🤩.

It looks super easy to set a blog with #HashNode. I got another blog setup in 15 minutes - And it is absolutely free :) Thank you @hashnode

Look what came 🤩
Thank you for the sweet gesture @hashnode

I wanted to use my own domain with @hashnode and was prepared for all the hassle…and then - literally just one click and it was done! So easy, so convenient. Go Hashnode!

Also, a huge shoutout to @hashnode!

Getting started with a blog was super smooth, I had my blog ready with my custom domain in just a few minutes. 🎉

The dashboard is clean and user-friendly and it provides a fair bit of customizations too!

I am a fan 🤩🙌🏼

I just posted my first @hashnode post EVER! 🥳 Come check it out and let me know what you think 🧡…

Recently started blogging as a study technique with @hashnode. Felt in love with the community and now I just wanna keep writing!

@hashnode has made really big improvements behind the scenes for their blogging platform.

I've been running their latest update for a while and the Google page experience is 100%

I have been actively using @hashnode for less than a week, and I already like it more than Medium.
The community is alive and engaging.🤩
Very similar to Twitter.
Also just found the "Requests For Articles" feature.
A good answer for the question of "what to write about next?" 👌

I love seeing all that green!💚

Hashnode powered blogs are even faster now. ⚡

I moved my blog to @hashnode because:

No plugin/theme/hosting hassles, just write content

No paywall system like Medium

Custom domain support

Back up the entire blog in GitHub

Has quite a big community

Yet to move all my articles, check out -

I'm happy to finally join the awesome @hashnode community 😊

I published the first article on my Hashnode blog:…

I have been thinking to start blogging for quite some time & was looking for a platform to start with @hashnode looks awesome
1. Supports markdown🙂
2. Sharing blog in draft mode😉
3. Publish blogs in your domain💯
All for free😍
Can't wait to share my first blog!

Celebrating small Wins 🎉 🎉

After 4 months of blogging. I am super excited to share that my blog has crossed 10521+ page views ✨

This is only possible thanks to the @hashnode platform , it's community and people behind it 🥰💛

Thanks everyone 😘

After using Gastby, Ghost, Jekyll and Wordpress I'm going to use @hashnode, I wished to have known this amazing project months ago.…

@thelateraluz @hashnode @thelateraluz and anyone else wanting to start a blog, I can't recommend @hashnode enough. Don't worry about building and maintaining the blog when #hashnode does that for you, you'll waste more time and not produce half as much content.

I wanted to start blogging in Aug of 2020. I decided to use @hashnode for my blog. It was the best decision that I made.

I wrote 27 technical articles so far. Most of them are about frontend web development.

A thread 🧵about each of these articles including the stats below 👇

Just started out on @hashnode about 1 month ago, and I'm already at 14,000 page views. Really impressed with how much visibility I've gotten there!

@coolpythoncodes @hackSultan @hashnode Another advantage of Hashnode is its huge community that keeps growing day-in-day-out; you get free support from other devs.

Unlike WP, Hashnode is built with developers in mind.

I can't recommend any better platform for devs who want to start blogging.

I have written blogs on different platforms. Got a chance to experience @hashnode for the first time. Honestly speaking, I loved everything about it. An awesome experience. Now, hashnode is my default tech blogging platform :)

@hashnode is a game-changer! Setting up a blog with a custom domain, from signup took less than 5 minutes. Looking forward to writing on it.

Congrats to Sandeep, Fazle, Bolaji, and the entire Hashnode community. They are revolutionizing tech blogging.…

Sandeep Panda @Sandeepg33k

I am thrilled to announce that we have hit 1M views in August. Here is a quick update on the recent growth numbers.

Thanks everyone for your continued support! 🙏

I am killing the blog off my personal site and going full on @hashnode


- Personal Domain
- Free Analytics
- Free Newsletter
- SEO built in
- Constantly pushing new features
- Community is amazing

Join and check it out yourself 👇…

I’ve decided to make a huge leap and migrate my blog to @hashnode! I’m really impressed with what they’ve accomplished in this short amount of time! 🎉🎉🎉

I’m happy to join this community and I can’t wait to share more of my learnings on AWS with you!
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