🆕 Feature: Direct Chat support inside the app using @papercups_io

We did a poll and found out 71% of our users wanted chat support from us from inside the app.

When you log in to @resuminator, you can see a chat button in the bottom right.

4/ C̵u̵s̵t̵o̵m̵e̵r̵ Simp is king:
Enable our customers to talk directly to the FOUNDERS about their experience with the product through our community @slack channel, our website's chat box supported by @papercups_io, and email

If you're tired of paying the high prices of Intercom and Drift, #Papercups might be the solution. This is an open-source #Intercom and #Drift alternative that provides live chat for your site.


@_jonesian @jsjoeio I think @papercups_io is what I’d go with today (they need a mobile app though).

@Shpigford I ditched Tawk for lack of UX and decided to go with an open source solution @papercups_io which has been working great so far. Functionality still a bit limited but maybe the right one for some here


Everybody does live chat these days. Papercups gives you the ability to own your platform and a bunch of neat integrations.


@norahsakal Yes, you can try @papercups_io and set up slack integration.

This helped me in the past

@chuga @intercom Would recommend @papercups_io

As copilot user, please avoid Zendesk or any ticketing systems. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

The trending section of Elixir LibHunt libhunt.com/l/elixir/trend… highlights very well some of the most loved projects amongst the community - @papercups_io, @plausiblehq, Nx by @josevalim, elixir-ls @bostonvaulter, surface & broadway by @dashbit ... and so many more #myelixirstatus

Just set up papercups.io in the account section of goodremotejobs.com. The simplicity of the hosted service is refreshing!

Open source Intercom meets open source Slack - New @papercups_io integration with @mattermost! loom.com/share/f7aad02e…
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