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You should all thank @ViteConf for lighting a fire. I may have expected SolidStart Beta released by now, a month back when I prepared this talk. Now I have no choice but to deliver. Docs writing marathon aside, I am super excited about what's in store.

Ryan Carniato Ticket to ViteConf

A free online conference about Vite and the projects reimagining Web Development, brought to you by StackBlitz

Just watched @RyanCarniato's SolidStart talk at #ViteConf (had to go to bed before it was on live). It's really weird how I've come up with almost identical ideas for Rakkas independently. Multiple discovery is usually a good indicator that you're on the right track 😎
It's so cool to see all the faces behind the @vite_js core team (a peek behind the avatars). Congrats on a successful #viteconf, you should all be proud. I can't wait until next year. @patak_dev (and others) worked hard to make this happen, and it turned out spectacularly.
wild how many announcements/launches happened at #viteconf today - rollup 3 - stackblitz codeflow - solid-start beta - tutour - analog - sveltekit RC?
I caught up on all the #viteconf talks today! Thanks to everyone involved, it's been amazing to watch. Some cool talks for me were by @Rich_Harris, @RyanCarniato, and super impressed by the quality presentation put together by @IanVanSchooten. The Vite community is beautiful.
So @vite_js has transcended the JS ecosystem and has been adopted by Laravel and Rails? Holy shit is there anything vite cannot do? #viteconf
#viteconf is running for 12 hours, after which all talks will be streamed again. No matter when you start watching, you can see all the content. And now my mind is stuck to Data replication and Dual writing. I need to sleep soon, it's 2:46 AM!
Watching #viteconf and I agree with @jlengstorf - Vite feels like a tool making a significant change in web development. The JavaScript tool war has a ceasefire for now.
What I like more on the #viteconf up to now is that I understood the basics of @vite_js @sveltejs @astrodotbuild @RollupJS and @nuxt_js in less than 2 hours! Congrats to @ViteConf , @stackblitz and all the presenters. 👏
Ok, I want to build with @TauriApps now. SO MUCH I wanna hack on during #viteconf, eeee!!! These teaser trailers are getting me!
#viteconf 2022. Amazing javascript developer community. I love the ecosystem and the session is lit. #ReactJS #VueJS #bun @oven_sh #NodeJS #denojs
Attending @vite_js #viteconf conference live from Kenya and the program is amazing. Getting to see the people behind the big communities of JS 🔥🔥🔥
Happy @ViteConf Day! We are proud to be part of this epic event! 24 hours of content so you can enjoy from any timezone!! #viteconf
I've been watching #ViteConf all day. The live chat is so... unified. It's one of the first times I've experienced the absence of "Framework Wars".
I really admire @Rich_Harris's ability to make presentations where he showcases lots of things in one coherent story. He ties everything together at the end effortlessly, as if by mere coincidence and not by giving a lot of thought to every subtle detail. #ViteConf
Here's the last slide of my #viteconf talk, I hope you can try out the new Storybook 7.0, and let me know how it goes!
Following #viteconf and all the amazing speakers, excited to see @n_moore's talk on @astrodotbuild islands!
My favorite slide to distinguish Development Mode and Production Mode of @vite_js by @antfu7 - Development: DX ⚡️ - Production: UX 🧑 Keep the consistency by config and plugins #ViteConf @ViteConf
The centuries-old chicken-egg problem has been solved by Rollup 3 🤯 @lukastaegert #ViteConf
So exited to be at the very first #ViteConf ! #Vite is one of the most amazing enabling technologies of this decade.
Be careful when submitting PRs, you might get sucked into maintaining the project! 🤣 Thanks for all your hard work on Rollup, @lukastaegert, and congrats on the release of @RollupJS 3! #viteconf
I enjoyed the keynote of #Viteconf. Evan truly puts the rest us developers to shame in amount of cool stuff released.
Enjoying @ViteConf 🤘⚡️, it's an exciting time to be a Frontend developer #viteconf
excited for #viteconf so many innovations and projects from everyone!
@ViteConf was pretty nice, listened to a few talks when I had time and they gave me a lot of ideas. Ended up making this stuff in the evening as a quick way for people to try using narrat easily from their browser #viteconf
New feature on the narrat website! There is now a button to play with editing the narrat demo game in your browser instantly thanks to @stackblitz Try it at #viteconf @ViteConf
Had an amazing time #viteconf yesterday! Watched 12 hours straight. Chatted with the speakers. Learned so many things. It felt like 2011, when I first heard of NodeJS.


A free online conference about Vite and the projects reimagining Web Development, brought to you by StackBlitz

The #viteconf channel and the per-talk forum channels at are working great so far. With the main channel being a wall of appreciation, and the talk rooms hosting focused discussions. A few messages during @BHolmesDev's Hollywood-quality talk 💚
Ok, I'm officially in love with the new @discord forum channels 😍 We just finished the setup for @ViteConf at, and in @antfu7's words: "It looks like Discord built the UI for us!". A cozy space for each talk to discuss with the community and speakers! ✨
watching #viteconf @ViteConf at works really awesome to see all the js library & framework maintainer give speech in one conferences and discuss it together
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